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JAYMS MADISON | Interview Jayms Madison

VIBZ : Hello Jayms ! You’re a beautiful young girl ; you have a stylish sensual voice and a promising future… What else should we know about this « girl named Jayms » ?

Well, I won’t give predictable answers, I’ll give quirky ones that I have plenty of. I guess a few things that you should know about me is I don’t like writing in blue ink, I don’t like barbecue sauce and I don’t like red dress.

VIBZ : You started writing at the age of seven, which is very precocious ! What has been the prompting element of this talent ?

Boredom. I moved a lot when I was a child and adopted music as my past time. I didn’t have many friends so the only constant companion I had was my disney tapes, which were filled with music.

VIBZ : How do you handle success, performances and business at only 20 ?

I have a wonderful Team that helps me juggle it all and at the end of the day it feels good to know that people want me to be succesfull, and want me to perform.

VIBZ : One of your dreams consists of being a superstar… How far would you go in order to fulfill it ?

Work my fingers to the bone. I don’t see myself not being succesfull because I believe my success is already been written in stone.

VIBZ : Your second dream is to marry Prince… Is it still topical ? What does your boyfriend think about it ?

I don’t have actually a boyfriend, so I’m always available for Prince.

VIBZ : Do you have a third one ?

My third dream will be to someday have a huge slumber party with all of my fans.

VIBZ : In order to know you better, can you tell us a bit more about Jayms Madison’s personality ?

I’m fiesty, I’m tough, I’m loving, I’m emotional, I’m fun, I Like to try new things, I LOVE to travel, I love fashion, I love Chocolate and soul food.

VIBZ : What are the ingredients required to write the perfect song ?

A pretty melody, Lyrics in your heart and someone to sing too.

VIBZ : Many people compare you to Beyoncé… But whom would you personally compare yourself to ?

I would more compare to myself to minnie ripperton. I believe our vocal styles are very similar and our choices of songs.

VIBZ : You once said you would like your “music to be that place people can turn to when there is no one”, in other words, you would like it to be a refuge. Can you explain why ? Is it because your music tackles everyday life with its delights and drawbacks ?

Yes, that’s exactly why, I try to put myslef in other people shoes and many different scenarios, so I can relate to everyone. There are so many subjects in day to day life that people see as taboo to put to music, so I do it.

VIBZ : At present, is Jayms Madison’s agenda overbooked ?

Never overbooked, even what it is I’m always ready to take on another load.

VIBZ : A last word ?

Thank you so much for this interview, it feels good to know that you care about my music career and opinions and I’d like to someday do this again

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20 JUILLET 2008

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